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Hi, I’m Valerie Hansen – CEO and Head Nut of this website.  If you have any problems here, feel free to contact me by email at  valerie@planetdecaf.com or by using the Contact form, although I probably won’t be able to help you since I’m the one that most likely caused the problem.

Planet Decaf is the home for funny books and ebooks, freebies and other fun stuff – mostly involving word play.  I not only skewer weird news stories,  I’m a typo fanatic with an affinity for puns, misplaced modifiers, truncations, graphics placement and computer errors, double meanings and anything else that can be twisted into laughter. I’m also a collector of hilarious things that kids say.

Summary:  If you have no respect for anything serious, you’re in the right place.

Get some fun emails once in awhile interspersed with all your bills and bodily enlargement ads!

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