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Frequently Asked Questions

Q:   What can the Planet Decaf website do for me?

A:  We are a Humor site so you can use this site to get your mind off of your problems!

If your problems last more than six seconds though, we recommend watching this video:

Q:   Does the Planet Decaf website cause any harmful side effects?

A:  There is a significant risk of secondary laughing effects which could include shaking, rollicking, frolicking, abdominal distress, temporary urinary incontinence, tear-filled eyes, facial redness and occasional “guffaws”.

Mixing this site with alcohol may cause “Enhanced Joke Funniness” and exacerbate other symptoms such as pants-wetting and flatulence.

Q:   How qualified is the staff at Planet Decaf to offer psychological advice?

A:  Not at all. We don’t allow messy degrees, certificates, doctoral theses, GED’s, or curriculum vitae to clutter up our office.

Q:   Can you recommend further reading I could do to help get my mind off of my problems?

  A:  We will certainly recommend things to read, listen to, sniff, swallow, chew on and otherwise consume as the information becomes available to us, but as of now our highest recommendation is to read this book:

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