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Excerpts from this book:

What Would You Do For A Klondike Bar?

Mexican girls have been offering their virginity in return for Justin Bieber tickets. They wanted front row seats, but instead they got screwed.

Planned Vampirehood

The sex scene in “Breaking Dawn” had to be cut short due to it’s teen rating and Robert Pattinson getting too involved in his thrusting, however the bloody birth scene was left in to scare teens about what will happen if they thrust.

Her Legs Have Great Energy In The Mornings

Cindy Crawford rubs leftover coffee grounds into her legs to prevent cellulite. Does she rub them onto her WHOLE Leg or just de calf?

This Is For The Birds

When singer/songwriter Joan Baez was 69 years old, she slept in a tree house without walls because she wanted to be closer to the birds. One night she fell out and then she was closer to the ground.

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